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ViTour Landscape, the project

The ViTour Landscape Project is a result of cooperation between 6 regions (INTERREG III C 2005-2007). At the end of the project, its partners prepared an “International Convention of World Heritage Vineyards”. After ViTour, 4 other European UNESCO World Heritage wine growing areas joined the group and together decided to present a new project: ViTour Lansdcape (INTERREG IVC). This sustainability project aimed to improve and innovate local and regional policies for cultural landscape preservation and valorisation in the 10 European UNESCO Heritage wine growing areas.

The Cinque Terre (Five Lands) (I), the Neusiedler See (A), the Val de Loire (F), the Wachau (A), Tokaj (H), the Upper Middle Rhine Valley (D), the Val d’Orcia (I), Douro (P), Pico Island (P) and Lavaux (CH) have established a program of 11 technical seminars to be held in the course of the first 21 months (Jan. 2010 – Sept. 2011) which will focus on the description, exchange and analysis of “good practices” in a variety of fields such as mobility and transport, ecological techniques and biodiversity, architecture and urbanisation. This exchange will enable partners to mutually establish, during the second half of the project (Sept. 2011 to Dec. 2012), European Guidelines for the preservation and enhancement of the viticultural landscape paying particular attention to endangered areas and vineyards.




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