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Aims and Timetable

The creation of a Conservatoire du Chasselas enables a wide range of different varieties of Chasselas from around the world to be united in one place and to be used for professional, promotional and tourist purposes.


To identify the different varieties (and clones) of Chasselas and to create a Conservatory similar to those existing in France for the Burgundy (Montabois) Pinot noir, for the varieties once grown in Midi-Pyrenees (Peyrole) and for the regional varieties from Alsace (Thann).

To safeguard the genetic heritage of the variety by making it accessible to professionals (eg.: Samples of branches for multiplication) and to the public (eg.: Sightseeing).

To provide a research platform studying the various genetic, historical and technical elements and for the development of new stocks.

To contribute to the enhancement and the extension of the work and research at the Federal and Cantonal stations and to provide a showcase, particularly aimed at educating the public and the consumers, for the quality and the richness of the grape.

To identify Lavaux as a recognised Chasselas producer and as a pivotal argument in the promotional marketing strategy.

To stimulate further work on the origins and on the development of the grapes.


Creation of the Foundation and nomination of its Committee
Signature of the conventions
Establishment of the concept

Grafting of the plants

Plantation of the plot
Official inauguration and presentation to the media
First commented visits; signposting set up

First harvest (4th leaf)


Lavaux Patrimoine mondial

Sentier des Vinches 2

CH - 1091 Grandvaux

Tel. + 41 21 946 15 74



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